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About Us

Nourishment in every bite.

We only make good and fresh food.

We care about what you eat in your fast-paced life.


Trendy Food, Trendy Day!

Buy & Bite was inspired by our founder's trip to Asia where he discovered this unique and popular Japanese ultimate egg dish that is known as 'Omurice' - when omelette meets rice.

This dish originated in the 1900s at a famous restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. It was born from a chef's idea to create a meal that could be easily eaten with one hand while working in a busy kitchen. 

Our Omurice combines the soft and satiny finish of a classic omelette with the savoury notes from our selection of sides, to bring delight to rice lovers everywhere. We have curated our menu deliberately to present to you the best flavours from different cultures in a well-balanced and fresh meal.
We also provide a variety of options including vegan and vegetarian dishes, noodle bowls, Asian street food inspired snacks, and specialty drinks.

Let our bowl of 'rice wearing a dress' lift your mood!


We care about our gourmets.

We are meticulous and have high standards in our ingredients. 

We show our love and support to the community.

We pay attention to environmental sustainability.

See you at the table!


Home of Omurice,

 Bao Buns and Bowls

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