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How To Make Your Picnic This Summer

Summers have been deemed the essential season for picnicking. It is the ideal time to have an adventure in the warm weather. Whether you are having a picnic in the park at a concert or a play, it is time to grab your blanket, picnic basket, and let's take a trip to the park.

What Do I Need To Have The Perfect Picnic?

Planning a picnic is easy as long as you plan ahead. The secret to planning the perfect picnic is keeping it simple. Although it sounds easy, it can be very challenging. Oftentimes, you start out with a small list of items, and before you know it, it will have graduated to a two-page list of unnecessary items. These tips will teach you how to plan a simple yet fantastic picnic.

Make A Simple Menu

Ideally, you should aim for foods that are easy to consume and serve. Sandwiches, chips, fruit, or veggie tray are all the perfect picnic foods. Best of all, you can purchase these items at the grocery store. If you do decide to prepare your meals from scratch, opt for sandwiches or nondairy pasta salads.

Sandwiches are easy to transport, and you can customize them to fit each friend or family member. Be sure to package your sandwiches in parchment paper.

Pasta salads are also the perfect picnic food. However, be sure to avoid pasta salads that include mayonnaise or any other dairy products. Pasta salads can be transported easily, will not spoil quickly, and are easy to see.

Take A Cooler

While no picnic is complete without a picnic basket, don't forget your cooler and icepacks. Although you will be enjoying the warm weather, your food and drinks should not have to suffer. Insulated coolers keep your food and drinks at a constant cold temperature. Also, chill your foods ahead of time before placing them into the cooler.

Find The Ideal Spot

Finding the perfect spot is more complicated than it seems. First, you've got to find an area with enough coverage to keep your family comfortable and your foods or drinks chilled for as long as possible. To find the perfect picnic spot, start with places you've already been visited. Then, you can narrow it down to an ideal spot. Additionally, you can also conduct online research to see which locations are best for picnics.

Pack A Tablecloth Or Picnic Blanket

Even though there are usually picnic tables at most parks, you should still pack a tablecloth or picnic blanket. Some picnic tables may be worn or dirty. No one wants to eat food on a messy table. You can throw a tablecloth over the table or simply lay your blanket on.

Use Reusable Dinnerware

While plastic dinnerware is easy to use, it can take 20-500 years to decompose depending on the materials it is produced with. Reusable dinnerware is less harsh on the environment. Use reusable, especially if it's just a small group of people.

Write A Checklist At Least A Day In Advance

Checklists are a godsend. But so many of us overlook them. A checklist will help you make sure you have everything you need before you start your journey to the picnic grounds. Who wouldn't feel upset if they arrived at the picnic grounds only to realize they forgot dinnerware or the food. This is where a checklist comes in, to make sure you have everything before leaving.

Take Games Games are a picnic essential

Yes, you are enjoying the glorious beauty of nature. However, if you've got little ones, they get bored easily. Games are an excellent way to keep the kiddos entertained.

Pack A Trash Bag

Trash bags are also a picnic essential. Trash bags make clean-up super easy. After you are done eating your food or drinks, you can place your waste in the trash bag and place it in a trash can. If you are going to step outside into the warm summer air, why not have a picnic? You can spend time with your friends and family. Best of all, you will always have this summer memory to look back on.

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