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Healthy Living

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The mind and body have a way of letting us know when we are not at our healthiest. Have you ever felt off but could not pinpoint what it was? For example, you may be sick, exhausted, anxious, or unable to concentrate. These are all signs that we are in a prime state of health.

However, there is no better time like the present to adopt a healthy lifestyle. There can be a substantial amount of pressure associated with transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. However, the essence of healthy living is making small changes over time rather than instantaneous change. Making one change has a domino effect. It encourages you to continue making healthy choices.

What Is Healthy Living?

Most individual's definition of healthy living includes a balance between mental and physical health. Mental and physical health are interdependent. If there is a positive or negative shift in one domain, it directly impacts the others. For this reason, these tips cover both the mental and physical aspects of healthy living.

How To Adopt Healthy Living Habits

The secret to manifesting positive habits is straightforward. As long as you make actively make choices to remain healthy, you will find yourself feel better in no time at all.

Gradually Make Changes

Make one change at a time. Whether you want to quit smoking, become more active, eat healthier or learn to stand up for yourself, make small changes one at a time. Small changes turn into long-term habits. For example, if you eat one vegetable every day for one month, this behavior will likely become a long-term habit. As time goes by, you can incorporate more and more vegetables into your diet.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Staying healthy involves more than simply improving physical and mental health. It involves maintaining it. One way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is scheduling regular doctor's visits. Many people ignore the advice of many diets, health blogs, and other health resources, which is to consult their doctor before making any major lifestyle changes, such as starting a new diet. However, a doctor can help you track your progress as well as offer useful advice.

Another way to maintain your lifestyle is to reward yourself. Rewarding yourself is one way to keep yourself motivated on your health journey. They will give you the extra push you need to finish your workout or eat something healthy.

Have A Strong Support System

One way to sustain your mental health is having a strong support system. This is one of the biggest mental health aids. According to scientific research, people who lack a support system are at a higher risk of developing depression than those who have a support network.

Other research studies have found isolation to be an indicator of not only depression but poor health. In addition to this, these mental aspects can manifest into physical symptoms such as headaches, back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Ensure you stay connected to your family and friends even if you cannot physically touch them. There always alternatives like texting or video call that you can utilize.

Limit Your Stress

Prolonged stress triggers your body's fight or flight response. If this response is constantly triggered, it strains the immune system. As a result, it leaves you predisposed to serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart problem, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

One way to reduce stress is exercise. Exercise releases tension in the body in addition to discharging feel-good mood-boosting hormones known as endorphins.

Another medium to reduce stress is mindfulness. Mindfulness involves being aware that you are stressed and using an activity such as meditation, journaling, or breathing exercises to cope with and reduce stress.

Another way to manage stress is visiting a mental health professional such as a licensed therapist or psychiatrist. A therapist can help you identify stress triggers and teach you skills to manage your stress.

Stop Allowing Slip-ups To Hinder Your Progress

Lastly, the primary factor to remember about healthy living is that moving on from a slip-up is possible. We are human, not perfect. Sometimes you will fall backward before moving forward. The key to overcoming slip-ups is to acknowledge the slip-up and start over.

Healthy living is achievable. Make changes one at a time, stay connected to your family and friends, and limit your stress, and your mental and physical health will improve.

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