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How To Be Ergonomic While Working At Home!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Many of us were forced to work at home as a result of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, some of us are still limited to these conditions to this day. This led to many individuals devising a temporary office at home.

Whether you have the luxury of owning a home office or a desk or utilized the couch or the kitchen table, you need to make sure your workspace is set up ergonomically.

What Is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a scientific discipline derived from psychological and physiological principles that are applied to the construction and configuration of products, methods, and systems. Essentially, ergonomics aims to decrease human error, boost productivity, and improve security and support, particularly between humans and the workplace.

How To Create An Ergonomically Friendly Work At Home

Though it takes a substantial amount of work, you will see the benefits of an ergonomic workspace in the long run. Most employees have ergonomic tools at the office, but you may not have access to ergonomic-friendly tools at home. Luckily you can use these tools to create an ergonomic workspace. Best of all, most of these tips don't involve spending money.

Adjust Your Posture

When sitting at your computer, sit up straight, repose your shoulders, and keep your elbows aligned with the keyboard. You can adjust your chair to achieve this posture and place a footrest at your feet if your feet are not supported. Additionally, the top of your monitor should align with your eyebrows. If you wear glasses, then look at the screen through the base of your lenses.

Don't Neglect Your Lower Back

Always support your lower back. One way to accomplish lower back support is to press your buttocks to flush against the end of your chair. This will keep your back curved and prevent you from slumping. Additionally, every 30 minutes or so, get up and move around. Stretch your legs, back, chest, and waist. This tip is handy if you are feeling tired or sleepy.

Give Your Eyes A Break

Give your eyes a break. Constantly staring at a computer screen for eight or more hours a day is not good for your eyes. At home, the chances of you staring at a screen continuously increase since there are no coworkers to distract you. However, ensure you rest your eyes every 20-30 minutes. Stare at that lovely piece of artwork in the far corner of the room for a minute or two, then get back to your work.

Buy Ergonomically Friendly Equipment

Lastly, you want to ensure you have the right equipment. If you are uncomfortable when sitting at your computer desk, you should probably invest in some new equipment.

Select A Practical Chair

When selecting a desk chair, make sure you are able to sit in it with your feet flush against the ground. If your desk is taller than usual, purchase a footrest to keep your feet comfortable. The next factor you want o look for is a chair that reclines and tilts. This essential feature decreases stress on your spine. Additionally, look for a chair that has an arched backrest. Ideally, you should aim for a chair that reclines a minimum of degrees back with asynchronous tilt. Other must-have features include adjustable armrests and mesh fabric. Visit your local office supply store and test out the chairs before making any purchases. You may even find a quality chair at an economical price.

Select Adjustable Height Desk

When purchasing a desk, select an adjustable height desk. Adjustable desks are the creme de la creme of ergonomic desks. Adjustable desks allow you to customize the height of your workstation to maximize your comfort level. Working at home while in your bed or on the couch seems like the perfect working conditions. There is no pressure to get dressed or put on makeup, and you can work from the comfort of your own home. However, in less than a week, your body will be begging you to go back to the office. So, create an ergonomically friendly workspace, and your body will thank you.

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